Custom applications

Sometimes your website needs to have a special application or perform a specific function for your users. Features like blogs or calendars are pretty common, but do you have something out of the ordinary in mind? We can build custom online applications or find a Joomla solution for what you need.

Examples of specialty applications we can build

  • Online sales reporting application
  • Property management database
  • Custom e-commerce solutions
  • Tour & event registration
  • Website prototypes
  • Javascript and jQuery-based functionality

Website prototypes


Another aspect of web development that we have a lot of experience in is developing website prototypes for testing and focus groups. We’ve collaborated with L&M Policy Research, the American Institutes for Research (AIR), and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for the last 7 years to build test versions of the website as they introduce and try out new functionality and content for users. We get to build the prototypes and suggest usability and design improvements, they test them out with real-life users, then we get the pleasure of seeing some of the new changes incorporated into the live Medicare website!

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