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27 years in business? That says a lot. College educated? Certainly helps. But we think it’s our commitment to quality and our strong ethics that say the most. This means we do our best work on every project that comes through the door, big or small. We have a commitment to doing right by our clients, exceeding their expectations, and treating them honestly and fairly.

We nurture client relationships with an intimate, personalized approach. We communicate with our clients so we can communicate for them. Our goal at Formations Design Group is to help our clients with their marketing success through the use of strong design, technical precision and creative flair. Best of all, you’re going to enjoy working with us.

How green are we?

To quote Kermit, it’s not always easy being green. But we really try to do our part. Besides participating in the Green Lights program through Clark Public Utilities and doing a great job recycling and limiting our paper usage, we work almost exclusively with print shops that are FSC certified and offer clean, environmentally-friendly printing options. Plus, our websites are hosted on leased servers that are running on 100% wind power.

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