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Written by Bruce Wilson on Friday, 01 February 2013. Posted in Web Development, Design

...or how to make your website display nicely on any device whether it’s an iPhone or a 27" iMac

What will it take to make your website work on any device it is viewed on? Well, the old way was to build different versions of your website for smartphone, small tablets, and desktop monitors. That can cost a lot of money to cover all your bases, plus you have separate sites to maintain.

Now we have responsive websites— sites that scale and reconfigure their layout on the fly. So you only have to build it once and then watch it work on any device that connects to the internet.

So the next time you redesign your current site, have a new website built, or just want your site to be usable by any device, talk to your web developer about making the site responsive. This takes some extra coding and a modern browser to make it all happen. But the efforts are well worth it. Depending on who you listen to and what demographics your site is being viewed by, the percentage of people using smartphones or tablets to view websites is growing at a very fast rate.

How can this affect your business?

If your website does not play well with small screens, you could be leaving an awful lot of revenue on the table. My son is a prime example. If he cannot browse, purchase something or use a website on his smartphone, he won't bother with that particular website. He moves on to the next website— your competition. He told me last year he never uses his desktop computer for web browsing anymore because he finds it too limiting on when and where he can view content.

Now if you go to your favorite web developer and ask them to make your website responsive and you get a blank stare, you might think about choosing a different company… like say Formations Design Group.

But what about our site?

Our own website is not responsive at the moment— I know, how lame is that? ;) This is new technology though, and like any other business, it's on our to-do list. As soon as we upgrade I'll be sure to post something about it so you can try it out. I've included several screen shots of a demo website in different resolutions to show how the site evolves as it is displayed on different screen sizes. Looking at the large images will be an exercise for people like my son, but then he probably could care less if he can see the big version. :) Also here is a link to a website we built that is responsive. The ecommerce section will be updated to a full responsive layout in the near future. This site was built in the early days of responsive design. So it’s not up to the standards of what we can accomplish today, but it is still far ahead of a traditionally coded site. Bome Eyewear

For those of you with a large enough screen, here is a slideshow showing the different views of the same site at different resolutions. And in an ironic twist, unless you are on at least a medium size screen, this slideshow may not be that effective.

  • Smartphone-Content
  • Smartphone-Menu
  • Tablet
  • Small-Laptop
  • Desktop-Monitor
  • Smartphone with content
  • Smartphone with menu activated
  • Tablet
  • Small Laptop
  • Desktop

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