Why we use Joomla as our main CMS platform

on Tuesday, 06 December 2016. Posted in Web Development

Or why we do not use WordPress very often

First off what this post is not about. It is not an article about why one of these excellent open source CMS (Content Management System) platforms is the best. It is about the strengths of each and why we prefer using Joomla over WordPress and Drupal.

There are three large players in the open source CMS world. Wordpress, the largest user base, then Joomla and Drupal. Each of these platforms have there own strengths and weaknesses, both from an end user perspective and a web developer perspective.

We do a lot of customizations on the websites we build. Both Joomla and Drupal excel at this, while WordPress becomes a little unwieldily when you start customizing the actual code of the site. You can add a lot of custom widgets to WordPress to give it functionality in a multitude of places. But if one of those widgets does not quite meet your needs or there is not a widget that does what you need your site to do. Then this is where Joomla and Drupal have a distinct advantage over WordPress for us.

Joomla fits in the middle ground among the three CMS's here. It can tackle a much larger site than WordPress can without breaking a sweat. Drupal can manage an even larger site, like the White Houses website as an example. With all the power of Drupal comes higher maintenance cost and higher development cost in some cases. Then there is ease of use out of the box. WordPress wins by a slight margin in a base configuration for the end user. We customize our Joomla installations to make our sites as easy to use or easier than WordPress.

So we end up with an easy to use website for our clients. A very fast loading website, a ton of flexibility and very secure. What we strive to do for our clients is built a website that meets all of their expectations, with no compromises. Joomla gives us the tools to do this and still be easy to maintain by both our development team and our end client.

And if Joomla is overkill for some projects, we have several great alternative platforms. But when we tell our clients what they can do with a website built in Joomla, their imagination of what they want to accomplish starts expanding and pretty soon we are building another great Joomla powered website. We have been using this platform almost exclusively since 2008.

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