Local Volunteer Work

Vancouver is a great place to live. Karen was born here, Bruce grew up here, and Christine has adopted it as their own. When we can, we like to volunteer and help out some local organizations we are passionate about. This is what we’ve been up to in our spare time…

Fort Vancouver National Trust
Capital Campaign

The Fort Vancouver National Trust is the non-profit group that manages and maintains Officers Row, which is where we have our office and happily do our work every day. Not only are they great landlords, but we see firsthand the amazing work they do in preserving the integrity of this incredible piece of history. So, when they decided to raise money to buy the Academy building and asked us if we could donate our time to help with their campaign materials, we were pleased to say yes.

Furry Friends

Furry Friends is a local cat rescue non-profit run completely by dedicated volunteers. No, they aren’t all a bunch of crazy cat ladies, but they DO love animals and they do an awesome job finding safe homes for abandoned, mis-treated, and homeless cats. They are also big on education, pet spaying & neutering, and pet therapy visits.

How did we get involved? Bottom line, Karen loves cats. So when she saw their awful website, she knew she could help give them more credibility in the community with a fun, functional, and professional-looking site. She’s been maintaining it for a few years now on her own time, and Formations provides free website hosting. We also get involved in some of Furry Friends’ events, and have inspired several family members to foster cats and even dress up as Santa for pet photos!

Messiah Lutheran Church

Bruce has attended Messiah Lutheran for years, where he runs the sound system on Saturday nights and is close friends with the pastor, Peter Braafladt. Building the church a new website was his way of using his skills to help their mission of outreach in the community. And it worked! Not only has Karen played on the church-sponsored city softball team for many seasons, her parents are members of the church and her mom now works there. One big happy family!